Creamy Pasta Recipe

Creamy Pasta Recipe

I am a pasta lover.

This creamy pasta recipe is so comforting and delicious. 

Who likes homemade tomato sauce? 

It’s been over two weeks since my last post. I’ve been swamped. I have been nourishing myself and learning everything that has to do with food blogging, and recipe development, I have also been reorganizing some ideas for the blog.

Roasted Plum Tomatoes, garlic and oregano.
Blended tomato sauce

Nothing in life is easy, everything requires sacrifice and determination. Many times I had read blogs, but I never thought how much it takes to create one. It’s more than pretty pictures and tasty recipes. It takes a lot of work and clear and concise ideas, finding your niche, which recipes you are going to post next, etc., but don’t get me wrong this does not mean you are going to figure it all out right away. With time you will realize what works for you and what doesn’t. There is always room for improvement. I am still learning about recipe development, I bought this fantastic book that I’ll share with you guys later.

Stack of Basil leaves
Basil chiffonade
Basil Chiffonade

I would like to be an inspiration to those who, like me, have a suitcase full of dreams and aspirations. I want you to know that nothing is impossible for God and if you have a goal, and put him first, it will happen according to his will. I wanted to give a bit of motivation to those who read me.

But now, let’s get started with the recipe.

I love pasta. This recipe was not planned. Have you ever had an idea, but in the end it does not come out as expected? Well, this is one of those cases. I had some tomatoes, and I intended to roast them and make an avocado toast, but it was not the case, the sauce was not solid enough, but thank God it was not, because thanks to this accident I made a fantastic pasta dish that my friends loved. These roasted tomatoes were the perfect complement to my pasta.

This is the perfect recipe for lunch or dinner. In fact, after experimenting and making different sauces from scratch, for me there is nothing better than cooking with fresh ingredients. The integrity of the ingredients is so important when you cook. There is nothing better than making your own tomato sauce. When I made my first Alfredo sauce (only a few months ago), I was amazed by how delicious it tasted. I was even more surprised to learn that it was nothing to which I was accustomed. I do not rule out buying canned sauces, some brands are delicious and do not corrupt the integrity of the ingredients. But what surprised me the most is knowing that with heavy cream, parmesan cheese, garlic, and fresh parsley you can make a delicious Alfredo sauce at home. If you cannot make your own sauce 

For this recipe, I made a white sauce, with basil and other fresh ingredients. For the red sauce, I used tomato, garlic, dried thyme, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Once ready, you have to blend it in a food processor or blender. I used penne pasta, but you can use any type of pasta you would like, even whole grain. I also love the smell of fresh basil, is one of my favorite herbs, it has an exquisite aroma and a refreshing taste. To slice the basil I used the chiffonade technique, you accomplish this, by stacking the leaves and rolling them tightly and then slicing them.

Pasta on red bowl
Creamy pasta

I used smoked slab bacon, but you can substitute it, by using regular bacon or turkey bacon. Pasta is an easy way out and, I know this recipe will become one of your favorites.

Creamy pasta on a gray bowl and red sauce on the side

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