God is our refuge and strength

God is our refuge and strength

God is our refuge and strength, Our early help in the tribulations. Psalm 46: 1
We all go through some difficult situations at some point. In moments of despair,pain, loss, anguish, need, uncertainty, sleeplessness, and illness our instinct will be to seek help, cry out, call our intimates and tell them what happen to us. In search of that prompt help, there is only one north “I am wrong and I need an exit: … It is what we express not only with our lips, but even our face implies that we are not well. In the Bible, we find a story that gives us an example of faith, authority, perseverance, positivism, and a totally different approach to the loss of a child. This woman is known as the Sunamite woman in 2 Kings 4: 8-37 she could not have children. Through Elisha, God promised her a son who later died suddenly from a headache.

Imagine this mother’s pain, imagine her despair, imagine her anguish, her lament, her discontent, and disappointment. How is it that God gives her a son, and now allows this? What happened after the child died is what gives this story a surprising twist? This woman in the midst of her pain took an attitude of Faith and believed that God had given her this child, therefore, he could also resurrect him. She set out to go to Elisha, the man of God, to expose her cause. When she asked her husband to send her to the servant of God Elisha, he asked her for a reason to go see Elisha and her answer was: Peace. She concealed from her husband that his son had died. She continues on her way to the man of God and her response to the servant when he asks if she and the loved ones were fine, because of the visit, she answers“Good”. It was not until Elisha arrived, which he noticed her anguished face, that the woman then exposed her cause and her need. God used Elisha to return the child to life. God’s blessings are often affected, threatened to be lost, bewildered with sickness, conflict, need, strife, and wickedness of the darkness that rises to kill, steal, and destroy. This story teaches us that even at the worst moment we can rise up in Faith, declare that everything is OK and that there is Peace! This woman was careful of her words and refrain from declaring pain, grief, or death. Let’s imitate this woman. Let us seek help but from our only source of strength, miracle, help, and blessing- Jehova of armies. Our creator who in such a way loved us, that he sent his only son so that everyone who believes in him will not be lost, but have eternal life. John 3:16.


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  • Thank you so much for sharing this message. This reflection can be of such help during times of strife as you mentioned. It really emphasizes some of deepest properties of our creator, His love and unlimited power. I can really benefit from these narratives, specifically during times when optimism isn’t so readily enforced.

    Thank you and many blessing from the most high, Yahweh.

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